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Tomorrow, Thursday, Latvian parliament will vote for a new president. Latvian office of the anti-corruption organization Transparency International invites people to join in for a demonstration against the oligarchs and the capture of our state by them, for the rule of law and strong anti-corruption bureau. They urge people to show a red card to the members of parliament – as a sign that the oligarchs must be stopped from influencing country’s politics and economical development at the highest level, including the government.

Last week the anti-corruption bureau KNAB launched a massive operation against the three main oligarchs , two of which are members of parliament. After the parliament refused to allow conducting search in one of their homes, Latvia’s president triggered the process of dissolution of the parliament. We will have to vote in a referendum on this question in July. Most probably majority will support the president, and we will have new elections some time in August or September.

The recent developments and prospects of a near future have been described as turbulent and chaotic. The whole country is shaken.

Here are some of my pictures from the press conference of Transparency International.

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