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Nationalist Alliance which is a part of government coalition in Latvia has recently tried to indicate that they would like to see some changes regarding ministers in the government, apparently with the aim to get more minister posts for themselves. Here is what commentator Aivars Ozoliņš ( has to say about this.

Nationalist Alliance’s strongest weapons in politics have always been duplicity and blackmailing. However, the first one works only when their supporters believe that politicians from this alliance are right simply because they call themselves Latvian patriots. And the second one works only in situations where the lever is against those who are in charge of taking decisions. At this moment neither of those will work. The reasons behind their wish to change some ministers are indecently transparent.

Argumentation for why this should be done exactly now has no connection with political logic or logic in general. And it is not possible to allege that such movements are based on some nationalistic and patriotic motifs. Furthermore, there are no real possibilities to threaten with serious consequences if things do not happen according to their whims.

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