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Latvian Television starts broadcasting a new weekly show today. Here is the trailer. I suggest watching it before you read further.

So how was it? What impression did you get? Did you get any grasp of what the program will be about — since the message was almost exclusively visual, I guess the point was that the viewer would understand at least the basic framework?

Now, the fact is that this is supposed to be a kind of Latvian version of BBC HARDtalk. One on one ind-depth interviews with politicians and other influential people with tough questions and tough attitude.

What I got in the trailer was over-sexualized message of a bizarre fight in the dark between a nerdy man and sort of female FBI agent with venom on her lips.

Don’t get me wrong! The trailer is indeed funny and does attract the attention. But does it fit this particular show? Not at all, since it presupposes something way more entertaining than “shoot from the hip” style interview show. Does it serve the purpose of attracting the public? Perhaps it does. But will the viewers stay with the show when they realize that the content of the candy does not match the wrapping?

The two journalists who are acting in the video are top-notch Latvian journalists with years of experience. I am convinced that the show will be a great addition to Latvian Television, which is a public service TV maintained by taxpayers’ money. However, I become turned-off after seeing this video.

For comparison — here is the trailer of BBC HARDtalk.

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