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It appears that Golden Dawn has got some admirers in my homecountry.

Just check these tweets from Viktors Birze, who calls himself a nationalist-socialist and belongs to a group which is much more further on the right than National Alliance, which would rightly be classified as fascists.


Birze tells openly in his tweets that he has been visiting Greece to meet his Golden Dawn comrades. Here he writes that he has himself seen the Greek leftists which according to him are demolishers and murderers. In one tweet, he recalls: “Communist scum.I was a witness when leftist extremist attacked Golden Dawn headquarters with Molotov cocktails.” According to Birze, “Golden Dawn is the most normal force in Europe”, they are “uncompromising fighters, therefore provocations are set up against them”.


And here Birze suggests that we need something similar to Greek neo-Nazis in Latvia. “Golden Dawn are not murderers. Otherwise it is an ideal force, unfortunately we do not have such force in Latvia. But we really need it.”

I hope the authorities are monitoring activities of Viktors Birze and the likes closely enough. We do not need murders of political opponents in Latvia. Anybody who praises extremists in other countries, travels to meet them and spreads hatred toward people they do not like (leftists, Communists, ethnic and sexual minorities) are a potential threat for a democratic society.

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