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A short news report regarding the proposal new constitution preamble in Latvia (proposal itself has created a stormy debate inside this country ) was broadcasted by Swedish Radio in recent days. Only two minutes, but some have taken it as offensive, inappropriate, partial etc etc.

Well well, these individual opinions aside — what did the two persons who were interviewed for this news piece really say? One of them, lawyer Lauris Liepa, is directly involved in writing the preamble proposal, is naturally strongly in favor of the proposed text. The other one, Olga Procevska, is an academic, activist, Russian, and is against the proposal.

Here are their words, exactly as they sounded on the radio.

Olga Procevska

This sounds like the ideas of pre-Holocaust era. It really sounds as if the person who has written it doesn’t know where do ideas like this lead to. I mean, the ideas of the state belonging to a particular ethnic group, of ideas of a state nation.

And in the end of the news report

To me these aims should be non-ethnic.

Lauris Liepa

This is the only place on earth, where Latvian nation could effectively speak its own language, promote its culture, and also do all those matters that all the nations do on the world.

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