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Seems like Breivik-style rhetorics are becoming a norm in Latvian public debate.

This quotation is from an opinion article published on newspaper Diena webportal. (NB! This is the very end of article — not a single shred of argumentation is provided for these wide-sweeping statements)

If any of the candidates [to European Parliament] will against all odds be willing to talk about “values”, then it would be more interesting and important to find out that person’s opinion regarding the delirios so called concept of multiculturalism which has already, excuse me , screwed up and continues to screw up Europe, regardless if we talk about social, immigration, foreign or other policy of EU. In other words, an optimal representation at the EU level for Latvia would be civil service and politicians who understand the following: behind the cover of political correctness the European cultural/historical uniting fundament is being eroded.

The original in Latvia language can be seen here.

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