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Comments on latest developments in Ukraine from the leading politicians in Latvia have been rather chaotic and uncoordinated. Nationalist Alliance (NA), however, sticks out with a statement which indirectly calls the current situation “emergency”.

The party, which has several minister posts in the government, is calling among other things “to improve defense capabilities of militiamen and to increase the role of militiamen in strengthening the internal security”.

This is weird enough, taking into consideration that a) many of militiamen are NA supporters b) in 1934 coup d’etat took place in Latvia with help of militiamen, and NA politicians are still praising the authoritarian rule that was established then.

But NA goes even further. They ask the government “to take all the necessary steps which are needed to ensure a permanent presence of NATO troops in Latvian territory”.

You are free to make your own conclusions on this one, but I sincerely hope our government is a bit smarter than that. And by the way our own bases are NATO bases and our troops are NATO troops. Just so that you know.

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