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Since the witty minds of some of the leading ethnocratic demagogues and their fascistoid comrades are trying to push through a new preamble to our constitution (filled with things like “our common Christian values”, “preserving the Latvian people through the centuries” and other similar primordial and often anti-democratic, regressive quackeries), I have a humble suggestion. >>
On the 15th of May in 1934 Karlis Ulmanis as an authoritarian leader took over power in Latvia, dismissed the parliament, abolished all political parties and later made himself a president. It was a plain coup d’etat, albeit without bloodshed. However, after installing himself as the incontestable land-father, Ulmanis conducted many things which would be >>
Global Voices is a project that helps to bring voices that are typically ignored by the mainstream media to the surface. It’s executive director Ivan Sigal was in Riga this week, and I took the chance to interview him — about the power of internet, its impact on democracy and human rights, as well as >>
Tomorrow, Thursday, Latvian parliament will vote for a new president. Latvian office of the anti-corruption organization Transparency International invites people to join in for a demonstration against the oligarchs and the capture of our state by them, for the rule of law and strong anti-corruption bureau. They urge people to show a red card to >>
The phrase “crisis is actually an opportunity” is often repeated these days. Sometimes it can be true. However, at other times this approach is used to push through some really crazy ideas. This can be said about the proposal that came from Elina Egle, chief of Employers’ Confederation of Latvia. >>

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