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Nacionālais Spēks (National Power), a far right movement in Latvia, are now openly supporting Golden Dawn. Their leader has been to Greece and met with Golden Dawn people. Now they are spreading support messages for Golden Dawn on the internet. This picture has been posted on Latvian social media site The site is really >>
It appears that Golden Dawn has got some admirers in my homecountry. Just check these tweets from Viktors Birze, who calls himself a nationalist-socialist and belongs to a group which is much more further on the right than National Alliance, which would rightly be classified as fascists. Birze tells openly in his tweets that he >>
Anders Aslund seems to never give up on preaching the gospel of Latvian success story. A book with Latvian PM Dombrovskis was apparently not enough, and now he has written yet another article, where he tries to prescribe Latvian medicine of austerity for Greece. Ok, besides the obvious ideological bias of Mr. Aslund (and also >>
Latvian politics are widely believed to be correlating to the moon phases. Around full moon one can surely expect more weird decisions and unexpected turns than usual. The latest full moon phase seems however to never end. After more than a month after early elections (those were held on the 17th of September, after the >>

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