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Regarding the universality of human rights — a few wise words from Italian philosopher Vittorio Possenti. On the ground of the unity and universa­lity of human essence, no one can be more or less a human being than someone else. Since essence does not admit of degrees, it follows that no human being possesses more >>
Latvian health-care has already been severely damaged by the budget cuts during the last couple years (implemented under IMF and other international lenders “kind” guidance). Now the new minister for health Ingrida Circene wants to give it one final blow. She wants to make the most vulnerable part of the population paying for health-care services >>
Global Voices is a project that helps to bring voices that are typically ignored by the mainstream media to the surface. It’s executive director Ivan Sigal was in Riga this week, and I took the chance to interview him — about the power of internet, its impact on democracy and human rights, as well as >>
The phrase “crisis is actually an opportunity” is often repeated these days. Sometimes it can be true. However, at other times this approach is used to push through some really crazy ideas. This can be said about the proposal that came from Elina Egle, chief of Employers’ Confederation of Latvia. >>
On 28th of February the current (and the first in the history of Latvia) ombudsman Romans Apsitis will end performing his duties. His mandate period in this office ends, and a new ombudsman should be elected by the parliament. According to the plan, today (10th of February) was the last day to propose candidates. Unfortunately, >>

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