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I am not an anti-euro fanatic, rather a skeptic who wants to give also this issue the benefit of the doubt. However, the political and economic elite of Latvia seems to have lost a few screws in these days. Seriously, does Governor of the Bank of Latvia really think that these are sound and convincing >>
Anders Aslund seems to never give up on preaching the gospel of Latvian success story. A book with Latvian PM Dombrovskis was apparently not enough, and now he has written yet another article, where he tries to prescribe Latvian medicine of austerity for Greece. Ok, besides the obvious ideological bias of Mr. Aslund (and also >>
Seems like Latvia is not such a safe place as we imagine. A journalist shot. In central Riga. At daytime. Isn’t this scandalous? Outrageous? Unbelievable? But it happened today. >>
On Monday, 13.02.2012., there was a protest demonstration against ACTA. Latvia has signed the document, but it still needs to be ratified by the parliament. >>
Anthropologists Ivan Arenas and Dace Dzenovska have conducted a comparative study of barricade socialities in Oaxaca (Mexico) and Riga (Latvia). >>

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