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I posted this text on Facebook so I think it can surely be put up here as well. After a few years as a member in Latvian Association of Journalists I feel something is deeply wrong with the organization structure and management style. Can it be changed? I don’t know. But at the moment I >>
Seems like Breivik-style rhetorics are becoming a norm in Latvian public debate. This quotation is from an opinion article published on newspaper Diena webportal. (NB! This is the very end of article — not a single shred of argumentation is provided for these wide-sweeping statements) If any of the candidates will against >>
Latvian Television starts broadcasting a new weekly show today. Here is the trailer. I suggest watching it before you read further. So how was it? What impression did you get? Did you get any grasp of what the program will be about — since the message was almost exclusively visual, I guess the point was >>
Read below the second part of the interview with Janis Domburs. The first part can be read here. Should we look at all this in a wider context? That there are repeated attempts from power – with regards to media in general, not only you, Latvian Television and public service – to restrict and suppress >>

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