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A short news report regarding the proposal new constitution preamble in Latvia (proposal itself has created a stormy debate inside this country ) was broadcasted by Swedish Radio in recent days. Only two minutes, but some have taken it as offensive, inappropriate, partial etc etc. Well well, these individual opinions aside — what did the >>
Latvian Television starts broadcasting a new weekly show today. Here is the trailer. I suggest watching it before you read further. So how was it? What impression did you get? Did you get any grasp of what the program will be about — since the message was almost exclusively visual, I guess the point was >>
Seems like Latvia is not such a safe place as we imagine. A journalist shot. In central Riga. At daytime. Isn’t this scandalous? Outrageous? Unbelievable? But it happened today. >>
De experter och företrädare av den lettiska finansinspektionen och andra myndigheter som häromveckan hävdade att Snoras banks problem (banken har tagits över av staten, miljardbelopp utav tillgångarna saknas) kan inte möjligen påverka Lettland har haft fel. Tiden visar kanske om de ljugit medvetet eller verkligen inte haft en susning om hur saker och ting förhåller >>
Global Voices is a project that helps to bring voices that are typically ignored by the mainstream media to the surface. It’s executive director Ivan Sigal was in Riga this week, and I took the chance to interview him — about the power of internet, its impact on democracy and human rights, as well as >>

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