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Comments on latest developments in Ukraine from the leading politicians in Latvia have been rather chaotic and uncoordinated. Nationalist Alliance (NA), however, sticks out with a statement which indirectly calls the current situation “emergency”. The party, which has several minister posts in the government, is calling among other things “to improve defense capabilities of militiamen >>
Nacionālais Spēks (National Power), a far right movement in Latvia, are now openly supporting Golden Dawn. Their leader has been to Greece and met with Golden Dawn people. Now they are spreading support messages for Golden Dawn on the internet. This picture has been posted on Latvian social media site The site is really >>
It appears that Golden Dawn has got some admirers in my homecountry. Just check these tweets from Viktors Birze, who calls himself a nationalist-socialist and belongs to a group which is much more further on the right than National Alliance, which would rightly be classified as fascists. Birze tells openly in his tweets that he >>
On the 15th of May in 1934 Karlis Ulmanis as an authoritarian leader took over power in Latvia, dismissed the parliament, abolished all political parties and later made himself a president. It was a plain coup d’etat, albeit without bloodshed. However, after installing himself as the incontestable land-father, Ulmanis conducted many things which would be >>
Nationalist Alliance which is a part of government coalition in Latvia has recently tried to indicate that they would like to see some changes regarding ministers in the government, apparently with the aim to get more minister posts for themselves. Here is what commentator Aivars Ozoliņš ( has to say about this. Nationalist Alliance’s strongest >>

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