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Šeit ir dažas bildes no demonstrācijas pie Saeimas. Here are some pictures which were taken at the parliament building this morning. Här är några bilder från demonstrationen vid Saeima imorse. >>
Tomorrow, Thursday, Latvian parliament will vote for a new president. Latvian office of the anti-corruption organization Transparency International invites people to join in for a demonstration against the oligarchs and the capture of our state by them, for the rule of law and strong anti-corruption bureau. They urge people to show a red card to >>
Today, 1st of May, many inhabitants of Riga took part in the annual Critical Mass event. I was one of them. Riga is still a pretty unfriendly city for cyclists. That is a shame, because biking would definitely improve the quality of our lives. There are way too many cars in the streets of Riga. >>

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