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Israeli writer Etgar Keret was visiting Latvia recently. I had the wonderful opportunity to interview him, and we had a long conversation on a range of different topics — from the meaning of writing to Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The interview in Latvian was published on the radical vortal >>
Latvian health-care has already been severely damaged by the budget cuts during the last couple years (implemented under IMF and other international lenders “kind” guidance). Now the new minister for health Ingrida Circene wants to give it one final blow. She wants to make the most vulnerable part of the population paying for health-care services >>
Latvian politics are widely believed to be correlating to the moon phases. Around full moon one can surely expect more weird decisions and unexpected turns than usual. The latest full moon phase seems however to never end. After more than a month after early elections (those were held on the 17th of September, after the >>
Šeit ir dažas bildes no demonstrācijas pie Saeimas. Here are some pictures which were taken at the parliament building this morning. Här är några bilder från demonstrationen vid Saeima imorse. >>
Tomorrow, Thursday, Latvian parliament will vote for a new president. Latvian office of the anti-corruption organization Transparency International invites people to join in for a demonstration against the oligarchs and the capture of our state by them, for the rule of law and strong anti-corruption bureau. They urge people to show a red card to >>

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