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I posted this text on Facebook so I think it can surely be put up here as well. After a few years as a member in Latvian Association of Journalists I feel something is deeply wrong with the organization structure and management style. Can it be changed? I don’t know. But at the moment I >>
Comments on latest developments in Ukraine from the leading politicians in Latvia have been rather chaotic and uncoordinated. Nationalist Alliance (NA), however, sticks out with a statement which indirectly calls the current situation “emergency”. The party, which has several minister posts in the government, is calling among other things “to improve defense capabilities of militiamen >>
Seems like Breivik-style rhetorics are becoming a norm in Latvian public debate. This quotation is from an opinion article published on newspaper Diena webportal. (NB! This is the very end of article — not a single shred of argumentation is provided for these wide-sweeping statements) If any of the candidates will against >>
This text was posted on Facebook by Boris Ginzburg today. The problem which he points out is indeed serious. A significant part of Latvian society seems to be both unable and unwilling to engage in any meaningful discussion if it concerns members from another societal group. This is applicable to many more or less artificial >>
A short news report regarding the proposal new constitution preamble in Latvia (proposal itself has created a stormy debate inside this country ) was broadcasted by Swedish Radio in recent days. Only two minutes, but some have taken it as offensive, inappropriate, partial etc etc. Well well, these individual opinions aside — what did the >>

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