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Nacionālais Spēks (National Power), a far right movement in Latvia, are now openly supporting Golden Dawn. Their leader has been to Greece and met with Golden Dawn people. Now they are spreading support messages for Golden Dawn on the internet. This picture has been posted on Latvian social media site The site is really >>
Since the witty minds of some of the leading ethnocratic demagogues and their fascistoid comrades are trying to push through a new preamble to our constitution (filled with things like “our common Christian values”, “preserving the Latvian people through the centuries” and other similar primordial and often anti-democratic, regressive quackeries), I have a humble suggestion. >>
It appears that Golden Dawn has got some admirers in my homecountry. Just check these tweets from Viktors Birze, who calls himself a nationalist-socialist and belongs to a group which is much more further on the right than National Alliance, which would rightly be classified as fascists. Birze tells openly in his tweets that he >>
Latvian Television starts broadcasting a new weekly show today. Here is the trailer. I suggest watching it before you read further. So how was it? What impression did you get? Did you get any grasp of what the program will be about — since the message was almost exclusively visual, I guess the point was >>

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